Innovative technologies

Glass Display

Combine the best of the on- and offline world. When needed, transform this glass back to a transparent window. Use near field communication, beacons and other technologies to create personalized messages.

Glass Shop Wall LED-PAD


This transparent LED-PAD is designed with simplicity and user friendliness in mind. The control system and power supply are build-in. Hang it up, plug it into the power and sending box and play your content.

Custom LED-PAD

Transparent LED-PAD technology for custom sized windows. Control systems and power supply are build-in. We measure, customize and install the LED-PAD at the desired location.

Glass Shop Wall LED


No need for transparency? Use LEDBOX. Sizes start at 1 sqm and is delivered in a strong flight case (if needed). Lightweight, high brightness and will work perfectly in any environment.

Instore LCD

Get the attention of your customers with in-store digital signage. Choose either bigger or smaller screens to have your visitors look at products you want to display. We deliver high brightness LCD technology, up to 7000 lumen.

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