Research is creating new knowledge

We do research to pursue our interest, to learn something new and to deliver the best product development.

Store of the Future

We are founding partner at Store of the Future (The Hague) where we perform large-scale research on the physical store environment.

Shopping Tomorrow

There is need for different organization of the cities. A city ready for the consumer of 2030.

Shopping Tomorrow

Dutch Retail Calendar

The retail calendar is an initiative of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs (Minister Henk Kamp). Shops are, together with hospitality. the heart of the city centre.

The new shopping street

Many shopping areas are struggling. Shops are closing, there is a lot of vacancy and turnovers are declining. We see it as our mission to help retailers to turn the tide.

University of Amsterdam

As partner of the Retail Innovation Lab we provide our screens to the students to make valuable investigation possible.